Base One Europe Museum at Beech Hill

Story of the US Navy and Marines in Derry 1942-44


In June 1941, a full six months before Pearl Harbor, the United States has secretly begin work on constructing a naval base on the Foyle. Code-named ‘Base One Europe’, it was officially commissioned as US Naval Operating Base Londonderry on 5 February 1942. It remained the US Navy’s main centre of operations in Europe until after the Normandy landings in June 1944. Base One Europe was spread across seven sites in the Foyle Valley. The woodlands around the present-day Beech Hill Country House Hotel provided the location for one the main accommodation camps. A museum room and woodland trail has been created to tell the story of the US Navy Bluejackets, Seabees and Marines who were based in Derry during WWII and physical, cultural and personal imprints they left behind.

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