Base One Europe

Story of the US Navy and Marines in Derry 1942-44


The City, Londonderry, 1943

Dwight Shepler, US Navy artist, captured Base One Europe in a series of watercolours, during the height of the Battle of the Atlantic,. This particular one shows the Bogside with the Derry Walls in the background. A US Navy Bluejacket and Marine are depicted walking up the road.

With the kind permission of the US Navy Art Collection, a high quality print has been made from this watercolour. Proceeds from the sale of this print will be used to commission the design and printing of a book about Base One Europe .

The price of £15 includes postage and packaging to any destination within Ireland or the United Kingdom. For other destinations, contact for a quote.

The mounted print is also available from local shops including Checkpoint Charlie and Visit Derry. RRP is £13

The City, 1943 by Dwight Shepler

Print in a 12 inch by 10 inch pale ivory mount.


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