On this day 75 years ago, the complement of the US Naval Operating Base Londonderry was 65 officers, 950 enlisted men and 382 Marines. The HMCS ST CROIX was inspected while at anchor at Moville; repairs were made to Radio Direction Finding (RDF) equipment on USS KEARNEY, USS BENSON and USS NIBLACK; a Fathometer on USS CLEAVES also needed attention. Other US ships present at Lisahally were the USS LIVERMORE and USS MAYO.

A company of US Marines led by First Lieutenant John S Hudson, on the Strand Road in 1943 taking part in their first anniversary parade.

The previous couple of days had also been eventful in the US Navy’s Base One Europe. On June 10th 1942 the USS ALBATROSS departed from the base; the ALBATROSS had been the first US Naval vessel to put into Derry during WWII when it arrived in the port in mid-January 1942 after been blown off course by two violent hurricanes while en route to Iceland. Also on June 10th 1942, Admiral Stark, Commander, US Naval Forces in Europe, inspected the US Naval base. Next day on June 11th 1942 the Marine rear echelon of 82 enlisted men arrived in Derry from Quantico, Virginia, led by First Lieutenant John S Hudson. They had crossed the Atlantic on SS Siboney.

Base One Europe Admiral Stark
Adm. Harold Rainsford Stark coming ashore from a US Navy destroyer on the Derry Quay in June 1942

Images courtesy of the Base One Europe Museum, US National Archives and John M Hudson.